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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Hottest New Trends

Missoni from Target

Leopard Print/Animal Print

Selena Gomez wearing Bohemian fringe top
Letterman Jacket
Combat Boots
High-Waisted Shorts with Buttons
Turquoise Ring
Knuckle Ring

Kim Kardishian wearing high-waisted pants

1)   Missoni – from Target. It sold in an hour! You can still get it there if anyone returned anything.

2)   Animal Print- just in general this is a MUST! It is the new neutral or supposed to be anyway.

3)   Fringe Tops-Are so cute and they are bohemian which is anything that looks gypsy

4)   Letterman jackets- Do you remember or have you seen the days when these were really popular in the 50s? Well they’re back in. You can get them at Forever 21for a good price.

5)   High-waisted shorts with buttons- These give a major fashion statement

6)   High -waisted Pants- Like the high-waisted shorts, these make a major fashion statement.

7)   Combat Boots- LOVE!!! These are also a must. You can tame elaborate ruffles and although they may look a little gothic, they are so cute if you wear them with the right thing.

8)   Rings( Especially turquoise or knuckle rings)-  This gives any outfit a major accent!

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