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Monday, May 9, 2011

Choppy Seas

Dear Blog Readers,
Happy Mother’s Day!!! J  I’m sorry it’s a little late! I called this one “Choppy Seas” because I think that my shirt looks like choppy seas. I like this shirt a lot and I just got it. These earrings are interesting! I felt like Ke$ha when I wore them. :P  Aria from Pretty Little Liars had some feathers in her hair too!! Oh and by the way blog readers: feathers are really in right now! This leather jacket is so incredible! I was going to wear it for Halloween one year because I was going to be a 50’s girl; poodle skirt and all, and then I started wearing it more and more often. I loved it and still do.
Leather Jacket-Goodwill
Ke$ha-like Feather Earrings-Urban Outfitters
I hope all of you had a Mother’s Day like no other (in a good way) J
~Fashion Fabricator
Shirt- My friend gave it to me and it still had the tag!!

Aria from Pretty Little Liars


Ke$ha-like Feather Earrings

My best friend Cathy!

Cathy and I


  1. I think this is such a cute top...especially since it was free!

  2. OMGGGG <3 your friend cathy's outfit;D haha and you look ADORABLE!!! those earrings especially

  3. Why thank you Cathy. Don't you think they look like ke$ha?


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