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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear Blog Readers,
Sorry I know this is really out of the blue and a little late because we couldn’t find the camera charger but we used her big camera to take the picture.
I think this outfit, especially with the leggings looks like I am going to a club. I don't go to clubs, but that's what  think it looks like... :)This dress is very springy and it was too big for me, so my Grandma sewed a tuck around the waist making it fit to my liking. It is now shorter than I expected so I treated it like a shirt and wore leggings underneath. I love this belt because it’s the only one that truly fits my waist. It is so comfortable and is not tight at all.
Happy Spring Blog Readers! Enjoy the rest of your week!
~Fashion Fabricator
P.S. I changed the commenting thing so it should work better know. :P

Dress/Shirt: It was a hand-me-down, Leggings: Target
Undershirt: Forever 21, Belt: Forever 21

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